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Trees are the charismatic super-flora which tower over us in many landscapes – including urban. Many children love to climb trees, and Team Tree aims to support and nurture the relationship youth have with the trees in their community. Through a variety of educational opportunities and experiences which include climbing, tree biology and identification, and creative projects, Team Tree seeks to inspire young people to learn more about trees and the work that goes into keeping them happy and healthy in urban environments.

Team Tree offers many different options for engagement, including in-person, virtual, and self-guided learning experiences. 

Learn more about the opportunities we offer here, and contact [email protected] with any questions about our programming. Learn more about the opportunities we offer here, and contact [email protected] with any questions about our programming.

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Education Outreach

Education Outreach

Team Tree develops outreach materials which can be self-guided or delivered by a Team Tree instructor. Some of our outreach materials are designed specifically for those who wish to engage with the materials independently, such as the Youth Engagement in Arboriculture Activity Kits or Tree Scavenger Hunts at public parks. To access materials, participants must coordinate with program staff for picking up kits or accessing maps. Team Tree staff do classroom visits to introduce tree science and urban forestry concepts through creative, educational activities. Educational outreach can be a stand-alone event through Team Tree, or it can be planned along with a climbing event same-day or as part of a multi-day program. Education outreach can be tailored for groups from ages 5-25, and curriculum will be adjusted to suit the appropriate audience.

Event Opportunities

Event Opportunities

Team Tree offers a variety of different event models, ranging from one day to week long experiences. All Events include a combination of experiential learning modules and climbing opportunities, guided by Team Tree staff, including an experienced and trained arborist. These Events are held on the University of Minnesota campus as well as on-site at schools or organizations depending on what is best fit. Trees are selected and inspected by Team Tree staff prior to events, and materials associated with educational opportunities can be offered by Team Tree when necessary.

Sample Schedule for One Day Event (2-4 Hours)

  • Students arrive at event site (5 min)
  • Introductions (10 min)
  • Warmups (15 min)
  • PPE (Gloves, Helmets, Glasses) fitting (10 min)
  • Safety talk, call and response, hazard ID, groundie responsibilities (5 min)
  • Split into two groups
  • Introduction to climbing/ground activities (2-4 activities). Groups switch at halfway point (1-2hr)
  • Gear Collection (5 min)
  • Reflection and potential prize time  (10 min)

Climbing Experiences

Climbing Experiences

Participants will have the opportunity to climb like professional arborists on systems similar to those used in the field.

For an introduction to climbing, we provide climbing systems, saddles, and PPE to participants. Everything is set up, and all climbing systems will be checked by qualified individuals. This is meant to be a low pressure way to experience climbing into the canopy of a tree, and exploring.

Arborist and child in bur oak climbing on ropes

Ground Activities

Ground Activities

During climbing events, there are also activities on-the-ground to engage participants in tree stewardship and science while some of the group is climbing. These activities enrich the experience by providing cool-down periods full of creative learning opportunities. 

  • Self-guided field book 
  • Tree Yoga
  • Knot tying
  • Dendrology walk 
  • Tree Painting
  • Nursery tours 
  • The Fungus Among Us
  • Nature Art 
  • Tied in Slackline
  • Pinecone Throwball

Educational Materials

Educational Materials

Learning about trees and their place in our world is something you can do at home, as well. Here we have some of our self-guided educational materials that we use for events and outreach. 


Field Book

Tree Leaves

Youth Engagement YouTube

Youth Engagement in Arboriculture Kits


Funding is provided the USDA Forest Service, and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Additional funding provided by:

Minnesota Society of Arboriculture

Minnesota Turf & Grounds Foundation


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Thank You Volunteers & Staff!

The skilled volunteers and staff truly make Team Tree a success - THANK YOU!