photo of professor eric north

Eric North's Bio

Assistant Professor

Courses Taught: Arboriculture, Urban Forestry Management, Problem Solving and Planning in Natural Resources

Specialization: Urban & Community Forestry

Email: [email protected]

Eric's Research and Interests: Communicating science to improve natural resources in urban areas and for working with people and trees to enhance the built landscape. Through research in urban tree biometrics, tree rings, storm and construction damage, and volunteer engagement, and community engagement. His research has been published in peer-reviewed journals including Urban Forestry & Urban Greening; Journal of Forestry; and Arboriculture & Urban Forestry and Extension publications.

Certifications: ISA Certified Arborist ®, Minnesota Certified Tree Inspector


ryan murphy

Ryan Murphy's Bio

Research Fellow/ Researcher 5

Specialization: Urban & Community Forestry

Email: [email protected]

Ryan’s Research and Interests: I help to manage the MN Tree Inspector Program, a collaboration with the MN Department of Natural Resources. I also assist with research focusing on improving clonal propagation in elm as part of the U of M Elm Selection Program. A third aspect of my research is focusing on the utilization of urban grown ginkgo seeds for food and medicine. Our hope for the ginkgo project is to create a mechanism for harvesting and selling urban grown ginkgo seeds to alleviate concerns over the malodorous seeds, which often result in requests for these quality urban trees to be removed.   


Ashley Reichard Headshot

Ashley Reichard's Bio

Volunteer Programs Coordinator & Graduate Student

Specialization: Urban & Community Forestry

Email: [email protected]

Ashley's research and interests: I support individual volunteers as they pursue education regarding trees and their care, as well as working closely with municipalities to set up community-based volunteer programs to educate the public and create a volunteer base to assist with tree care tasks. My past research involved understanding indicators that determine environmental stewardship volunteer retention.

Certification: Minnesota Certified Tree Inspector


Monica Randazzo Headshot

Monica Randazzo's Bio

Researcher & Graduate Student

Specialization: Urban & Community Forestry 

Email: [email protected]

Monica's Research and Interests:  Monica researches the intersection of environmental education and social movements. She directs the Youth Engagement in Arboriculture program, as well as provides instruction for volunteer outreach programs. 


Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson's Bio

Extension Professor Emeritus: Urban and Community Forestry

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