Undergraduate Program: Forest and Natural Resource Management (FNRM)

The Forest & Natural Resource Management (FNRM) major focuses on forest management, conservation, parks, urban forestry, and the environment. Within the program, students can specialize in Urban and Community Forestry.

To learn more about this undergraduate degree, visit the Department of Forest Resources.

Minors and Certifications 

Minors can also be received in the following focus areas:

  • Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management
  • Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Forest Ecosystem Management and Conservation
  • Geographic Information Science (GIS)
  • Park and Protected Area Management
  • Sustainability Studies
  • Urban and Community Forestry
  • Water Science

Along with certificates in:

  • Hydrology 
  • Sustainable Tourism Certificate 

Graduate Program: Natural Resources Science and Management (NRSM)

The Natural Resource Science and Management graduate program offers eight tracks:

  • Assessment, Monitoring, and Geospatial Analysis
  • Economic, Policy, Management, and Society 
  • Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management
  • Forest Products 
  • Forests: Biology, Conservation, and Management
  • Paper Science and Engineering 
  • Recreation Resources, Tourism, and Environmental Education

Two graduate degree options are offered in NRSM, the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy and depending on your interests and needs, your graduate program can be highly specialized or have a broad focus. Curriculum is interdisciplinary and often includes courses from across the University.

This program is offered through the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS), in conjunction with the Graduate School

Visit the NRSM graduate site for more information regarding the program, scholarships, research, faculty and degree requirements.