Minnesota Tree Care Advocate

Minnesota Tree Care Advocate is a program committed to volunteerism and to helping make your community and state a healthier place to live.

The Tree Care Advocate Program is an umbrella program that houses our three main volunteer programs: Tree Care Advisor, Citizen Pruner, and Tree Steward. These programs vary in the type of education received, training length requirements, if they are individual or community-based programs, and education and volunteer hour requirements after the initial training.

Tree Care Advisor

The Tree Care Advisor Program, founded in 1993, aids in the development of individual environmental stewards through education and promoting volunteerism. Volunteers are trained in small class sizes, recieve 30 hours of training, independently volunteer 25 hours a year, and are kept up to speed with the latest tree care information by attending 4hours of continuing education a year.  

Visit the Tree Care Advisor page on the MnTCA site to learn more and get invovled!

Citizen Pruner

The Citizen Pruner Program is designed to train citizen volunteers who work with their city to help prune trees for suckers, sprouts, and deadwood. All volunteers receive training from the University of Minnesota, Department of Forest Resources in proper and safe pruning methods and are trained in tree identification and basic pruning techniques. 

Visit the Citizen Pruner page on the MnTCA site to learn more about the program and to get involved!

Tree Steward

The Tree Steward Program, founded in 2015, is designed to train citizen volunteers to act as volunteer leaders and as a second pair of eyes within their community. Tree Steward volunteers can be trainined in a wide array of topics related to trees and can include, but is not limited to, the following topics: 

  • Properly planting trees and leading others at planting events
  • Properly pruning young trees to improve the overall health and structure
  • Pruning suckers and sprouts from young and mature trees to ensure safety and proper sightlines for the public

Visit the Tree Steward page on the MnTCA site to learn more and get invovled!

I have a question!

Do you have a question about trees, shrubs, or vines that you need assistance answering? Look no further! The Forest Resources Outreach Line is here to help. Send your question/s to [email protected], or visit the Forest Resources Outreach Line page for more information about this volunteer led line.