yew twig

Common Name: yew

Scientific Name: 
Genus: Taxus
Species: spp.

Hardiness Zone: 2 to 6
Height: 20 to 60 ft
Width: 15 to 25 ft

Description: ​​The size of yew is species dependent because some tend to be shrub-like while others can have a tree form. The fruit seen on the yew looks like a berry, but it is actually an aril. The fleshy red portion of the aril is the only non-toxic part of the whole plant. The rest of the tree is toxic, especially the seed inside the fleshy aril. This is where the highest concentrations of the toxin seem to be found. The yew has many uses. Recently, medicines to fight certain types of cancer have been made using the yew. The yew can often be found in the landscape around houses, buildings, and other structures. It is favored due to the uniform growth habit and moderate growth rate. Yew are also favored by deer. In areas where deer are found, it may not be the best plant for the site.

yew twig
yew aril
yew foliage
yew foliage
yew form