This plant is **invasive** in Minnesota. Do not plant.

Common Name: winged euonymus, winged burning bush

Scientific Name: 
Family: Celastraceae
Genus: Euonymus
Species: alatus

Hardiness Zone: 4 to 8
Height: 6 to 12 ft
Width: 6 to 12 ft. 


Winged Euonymous, otherwise known as winged burning-bush, is a widely used ornamental shrub native to Asia. Although prized for it's brilliant red color, this exotic shrub has escaped from horticultural settings and become invasive. It can still be purchased in Minnesota, but many states in the east, including Wisconsin, have banned the sale of this plant in nurseries. 

The shrub commonly reaches heights of 6 to 12 feet and can be easily identified by the conspicuous 'winged' or corky ridges on stems. 

wingedeuonymus foliage