silky dogwood fruit

Common Name: silky dogwood

Scientific Name: 
Family: Cornaceae
Genus: Cornus
Species: amomum

Hardiness Zone: 4 to 8
Height: 6 to 10 ft
Width: 6 to 10 ft

Description: Silky dogwood is a medium to large shrub used in windbreaks, broaders, mass plantings and as a speciman. It is intolerant of salt and prefers wet, well-drained soils of any pH level and any light exposure. Cornus amomum is susceptible to scale insects, leaf spots, and stem cankers. 

The flowers bloom from May to June. The creamy flat-topped flower clusters turn into 1/4 inch fruit that are porcelain blue with white spots. The leaves of silky dogwood are 3.5 inches long, elliptical with a dark green surface and lighter bottom with grayish hairs on the veins. Autumn color is reddish-purple to burgandy. 

silky dogwood form
silky dogwood twig
silky dogwood foliage
silky dogwood fruit








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