Serbian Spruce

Common Name: Serbian spruce

Scientific Name: 
Family: Pinaceae
Genus: Picea
Species: omorika

Hardiness Zone: 4 to 7
Height: 40 to 60 ft
Width: 15 to 20 ft

Description: ​​​Serbian spruce is a popular ornamental, but non-native, tree. It is an evergreen tree with short branches that are upward-pointing when young and droop as the tree ages. One very distinctive feature of this spruce is its needle shape and smell. Spruce needles are generally square in cross-section, but Serbian spruce needles are flat in cross-section. The needle size is average for a spruce, ½ - 1 inches long. Furthermore, when crushed, the needles emit a citrus-like aroma. The bark on Serbian spruce trees is scaly and brown. The tree’s cones are about 1 ½ inches long, hang downward, and are cinnamon colored when mature.

Serbian spruce form
Serbian spruce foliage
Serbian spruce foliage
Serbian spruce cone
Serbian spruce bark