Common Name: Saffron Sentinel™ cornelian cherry

Scientific Name: 
Family: Cornaceae
Genus: Cornus
Species: C. mas 'JSF PH4Legacy'

Hardiness Zone: 4 to 8
Height: 20 to 22 ft
Width: 10 to 12 ft

Common characteristics:

This columnar, symmetrical selection of Cornelian Cherry Dogwood is vigorous, resistant to pests and diseases, and offers USDA Zone 4 cold hardiness. Bright yellow flowers are the first to emerge, followed by dark green foliage that remains throughout the summer months. Bright red oval fruits that ripen in late summer are tart, tasty and delicious in jams, jellies, and beverages. Dark brown bark that exfoliates with age complements the deep crimson fall color and adds winter interest. 

Where it grows:

Grows best in moist, well-drained soils and in full sun. 

How it’s used:

Used as an ornamental in the landscape and a crop tree once fruit begins to form.  

Ecosystem services:

Fruit can serve as a food source for small animals and birds. 

Where it is native to:

Species are native to Europe and w. Asia. It has recently been introduced to the upper Midwest and Lake States by J.Frank Schmidt and Sons Co. 


J. Frank Schmidt and Son Co.

The Dawes Arboretum

Faller Landscape

Saffron Cherry form
Saffron Cherry bark
Saffron Sentinel™ cornelian cherry foliage
Saffron Cherry fruit
Saffron Cherry flower