'Meteor' cherry twig

Common Name: Meteor cherry

Scientific Name: 
Family: Rosaceae
Genus: Prunus
Species: cerasus 'Meteor'

Hardiness Zone: 4 to 8
Height: 8 to 10 ft
Width: 8 to 10 ft

Description: Meteor cherry is a genetically dwarf tree that reaches 8-10 feet tall. This self-pollinating cherry produces sour fruit 2-3 years after planting. The fruit are large and shiny red- the popular image of a cherry. Harvest the fruit for pies, sauces, and eating straight from the tree. For the best fruit production plant other cherries nearby, ensure good air circulation, and plant the trees in full sun.

Cherries are susceptible to bacterial canker that can damage the trees. If your tree has dead branches and bronze colored fluids leaking from the trunk or branches, then it might be infected. Copper spray can be applied in the fall or winter to help prevent damage. This tree is extremely cold hardy, withstanding temperature -40°F and below! Meteor cherries should be pruned in the winter so the tree will produce new fruiting wood. 








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