Common Name: Katsura, Katsura tree

Scientific Name: 
Family: Cercidiphyllaceae
Genus: Cercidiphyllum
Species: japonicum 

Hardiness Zone: 4 to 8
Height: 40 to 60 ft
Width: 20 to 30 ft

Description: The Katsura tree, native to Japan, is well-acclimated for our cool midwestern climate. It will thrive in hardiness zones 4-8, assuming it is given adequate moisture as it is intolerant to drought conditions. While this species will reach heights of well over 100 feet in the wild, it likely will not surpass 60 feet in cultivation. 

The beautiful heart-shaped leaves and brilliant fall colors of Katsura make it ideal for use as an ornamental. It displays a rounded crown with reddish purple leaves emerging in the spring, eventually becoming bright golds, oranges, and reds in the fall. The autumn leaves have been said to give off a smell similar to cinnamon in late autumn, especially immediately after falling. This tree is becoming a favorite of those who are looking for a decorative species that will be attractive all year round. 








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Sticker Photo: etc.usf.edu/clipart