black locust bark

Common Name: black locust

Scientific Name: 
Family: Fabaceae
Genus: Robinia
Species: pseudoacacia

Hardiness Zone: 3 to 8 
Height: 30-50 ft.
Width: 20-25 ft. 

Description:​ Black locust is in the Fabaceae family of trees and have nitrogen fixing attributes, which is a reason why they were first planted here. Now listed as an invasive plant in Minnesota, the black locust is tolerant of most site conditions. They can spread by means of seed distribution or by root suckers, forming colonies. They are aggressive, can experience sucker growth, and are known for their weak wood and branch structure. Black locust is not recommended for planting. 

Notes: This species is currently listed as invasive; for more information visit the DNR's Black locust page.   

black locust bark
black locust flower
black locust foliage
black locust form
black locust seed







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