bitternut hickory bud

Common Name: bitternut, bitternut hickory

Scientific Name: 
Family: Juglandaceae
Genus: Carya
Species: cordiformis

Hardiness Zone: 4 to 9
Height: 50 to 80 ft
Width: 30 to 50 ft

Description: ​These large trees from the hickory genus Carya can be found among the forests of eastern Minnesota. The bright yellow buds can be used as a distinguishing trait. The early spring flower is not showy or significant, but give way to showy fruits after the tree has reached about 25 years (Missouri Botanical Garden). They tend to be fairly low-maintenance trees, and perform best in rich, moist soils. 

The nuts produced by the bitternut are said to be too bitter for even squirrels, hence the common name and the lack of wildlife feeding.

'Carya cordiformis'. Missouri Botanical Garden. ​ Accessed 1 August 2018. 

bitternut hickory bark
bitternut hickory bud
bitternut hickory foliage
bitternut hickory form
bitternut hickory fruit