reNewell Wrap Up

November 11, 2013

by Chad Giblin

As the growing season of 2013 was drawing to a close, we teamed up with Scott Alsleben and his Forestry Occupation students at Great River School (GRS) to wrap up the reNewell project and prepare it for the long winter.

During our first meeting we introduced the site and project to the 6th and 7th grade students from GRS and discussed some of the inspiration and challenges faced when maintaining urban tree canopy.  During the next few sessions students helped mulch all the new trees and shrubs on the site had a chance to get to know these native species a little better.

We wrapped up the 12-week session with a few weeks of survey and mapping training.  Students worked in teams to survey and map all of the new oaks planted on the reNewell site.  On our last session together I joined Scott and his class at GRS and created a web map at 

ArcGIS map

We also teamed up with the students to plant a new crop of oak seeds that they collected at Newell Park in hopes that they will become part of ongoing efforts to regenerate oak canopy throughout the City of Saint Paul.


As we get ready for the long winter – thanks again to everyone who made reNewell 2013 a great success!

  • Saint Paul Garden Club
  • Hamline-Midway Coalition
  • City of Saint Paul Parks & Recreation
  • Great River School