Final Preparations for Grand-Opening of the High Bridge Dog Park

May 24, 2012

Alongside foresters of the City of Saint Paul in a partnership with Excel Energy, we worked a full day this week putting the final touches on the trees at the new dog park near downtown Saint Paul. The park was converted from a train car and coal storage site into a spacious, beautiful inner-city gathering space complete with an astounding view of downtown Saint Paul.


Tucked underneath the towering High Bridge, this 7-acre park features a large variety of trees, ranging from shade trees like the DED-resistant American elm Valley Forge, which will one day tower over the site, to the ornamental Showy Mountain Ash known for its beautiful white flowers. All told, 156 new trees were planted by excited volunteers on Arbor Day 2012.

Map of Trees on Site (click here)

Not only will these trees provide beauty and shade to the park, but serve as part of an ongoing study by the City of Saint Paul Forestry Unit and the Department of Horticultural Science at the University of Minnesota.  Aimed at testing the capability of various promising species to survive and flourish throughout the city and in harsh urban conditions in general like the compacted, coal contaminated soil of this particular site.

The grand-opening will be held Thursday, May 31st at 5:30 p.m. and will be hosted by Mayor Chris Coleman among others. Bring your pup, share in the excitement of Saint Paul’s second City maintained dog park, and admire the growth of these young, beautiful trees!

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Project Update:

The opening on May 31st was a huge success. The park was filled with dogs and dog-owners alike, excited to check out the brand new park.  Among others, Mayor Chris Coleman and CEO of Excel Energy Judy Poferi brought their dogs to celebrate its opening.

The park hours are set from sunrise to sunset and normal dog park rules apply.

Exciting to watch both young trees and community continue to grow on this site.

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by Charlie Lehnen