American Elm Forms and C.C. Laney in 1908

August 9, 2014

by Chad Giblin

American ElmsOne hundred years ago, well before Dutch elm disease (DED) made its way to our shores, we had the time to ponder the many wonderful qualities of America’s favorite shade tree, the American elm (Ulmus americana). In April 1908, C.C. Laney published this wonderful article in The Garden Magazine:

“The Types of the American Elm” (.pdf)

One might dismiss this article as just a bit of horticultural antiquity, but there is much to be learned from it. These elm forms can still be found on the streets and in the parks throughout America. Look around and you’ll likely see a “willow-type” or “pitcher-type” elm. In the Twin Cities area we’re apparently quite lucky to have many of the reportedly “rare oak-type” American elms.

Take a few moments out of your busy day and travel back in time when we could encourage our children to:

“know [these elms] by name … to make pilgrimages to them, to hold picnics and little parties under them. And so a love for the trees would be cultivated by association and the next generation, being friends to the trees, there would be no need of enacting laws to compel their preservation.”  – C.C. Laney, 1908