Trees in park


The Cost of Watering Trees

The Cost of Watering Trees (PDF)

How Much Does it Cost to Water This Tree?

By Adam Flett



Community Gravel Beds

All You Need to Know About Community Gravel Beds (PDF)

Dramatically Increase the Health and Survival of Transplanted Trees

By UMN Department of Forest Resources



Long Term Planting Success

Best Planting Practices Series (PDF)

Long-Term Planting Success Often Begins With A Good Sweat!

By Gary Johnson


Pruning Young Elms

Pruning Young Elms*

By Chad Giblin

*This publication is currently out-of-print. If you are interested in adding your name to a waiting list for republication, please contact us at [email protected]


Best Planting Practices
Best Planting Practices (PDF)

Three Steps for Planting Trees and Shrubs

By Lauren Stufft


Selected Publications 

Chad Giblin

Gary Johnson