Gary Johnson Selected Publications

Refereed Publications

Albers, J.S., J.D. Pokorny, and G.R. Johnson, 2003. How to detect and assess hazardous defects in trees. In Urban Tree Risk Management: A Community Guide to Program Design and Implementation, coord. ed., J.D. Pokorny. MN, NA-TP-03 St. Paul, MN: UDSA Forest Service.

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Hauer, R., and G.R. Johnson. 2008. State urban and community forestry program funding, technical assistance, and finalcial assistance within the 50 United States. Arboriculture and Urban Forestry 34(5).

Johnson, G. 2008. Dysfunctional root systems and brief landscape lives: stem girdling roots and the browning of our landscapes. Arnoldia 66(2).

Simons, K., and G. Johnson. 2008. The Road to a Thoughtful Street Tree Master Plan. University of Minnesota, Center for Transportation Studies, and the Minnesota Department of Tranportation.

Ward, K.T., and G.R. Johnson. 2007. Geospatial methods provide timely and comprehensive urban forest information. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening 6(1).

Weicherding, P., C. Giblin, J. Gillman, D. Hanson, and G. Johnson. 2007. Mechanical root-disruption practices and their effect on circling roots of pot-bound Tilia cordata Mill. and Salix alba L.”Niobe.” Arboriculture and Urban Forestry 33(1).

Other Publications

Tough trees and shrubs for tough sites. 2001. Johnson, G.R., N. Zins, and M. Shippee. University of Minnesota Extension Service. FO-7502-S. 

A practitioner’s guide to stem girdling roots of trees: impacts on trees, symptomology, and prevention. 2000.
Johnson, G., and R.J. Hauer. University of Minnesota, Extension Service. BU-7501-S.

Protecting trees from construction damage: a homeowner’s guide. 1999. Johnson, G.R. University of Minnesota Extension Service. FO-6135-S.

Storm damage to landscape trees: prediction, prevention, treatment. 1999. Johnson, G., and B. Johnson. University of Minnesota Extension Service. FO-7415-S.

Minimizing de-icing salt injury to trees. 1995. Johnson, G., and E. Sucoff. University of Minnesota, Minnesota Extension Service, FO-1413.

Recommended trees for: Southeast Minnesota. An ecosystem approach. 1996. Johnson, G., and K. Himanga.
University of Minnesota, Minnesota Extension Service, FO-6574-S.

Planting trees and shrubs for long-term health. 2002. Hargrave, R., G. Johnson, and M. Zins. University of Minnesota Extension Service. MI-07681-S.

Stress on the streets: assaulting and saving urban trees. 2003. Johnson, G. Tree Care Industry 14(3):8-14.

Tree Care Advisor: A voluntary stewardship program. 1995. Johnson, G. Journal of Arboriculture 21(1):25-32.

Nature and children: Their perspectives – our future. 1996. Johnson, G.R.. In: Proceedings of the 1995 Society of American Foresters Convention, 169-172. Portland, Maine, Oct. 28-Nov. 1, 1995. Bethesda, MD, SAF.