Fact Sheets

American chestnut twig

Tree Care and Maintenance

PDF icon Stem Protection Fact Sheet

This comprehensive resource will guide you on how to select and properly use different stem protection methods in order to protect trees and shrubs in the landscape. 

Caring for a New Tree

Tips for watering, mulching, staking, and protecting newly planted trees to increase future success.

Staking and Guying Trees

Additional information on when to stake young trees.

PDF icon Long-term Planting Success Often Begins with a Good Sweat

Helpful info and tips about sweating trees and shrubs.

Box Cutting Pot Bound Root Systems 

Info about box cutting root systems. 

Plant Selection

PDF icon Tough Trees and Shrubs for Tough Sites

This document can help you select trees and shrubs for difficult sites throughout Minnesota.


Native Trees and Shrubs for Pollinators

This guide can help you select the right tree or shrub based on time of year bloom and pollinators that are associated with that species. 

Trees, Shrubs, and Vines for Minnesota

This list can help you select woody plants that perform well in Minnesota and are cold hardy for zones 2 & 3 and 4 & 5.

Trees for a Changing Climate

Check out this resource to see which trees are likely to thrive in a changing Minnesota climate. 


Emerald Ash Borer

Learn about the signs and symptoms of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), common misconceptions, implications for Minnesota's forestland and urban forest, and what you can do to manage the insect.

Gypsy Moth

This fact sheet has information on the invasive Gypsy Moth including their host trees, control, management, and implications for our state. 


Bur Oak Blight

This fact sheet includes what Bur Oak Blight is, how to spot it, and ways to protect bur oaks.

Dutch Elm Disease

Check out this fact sheet to find out about Dutch Elm Disease (DED), resistant elms, and how you can manage the disease.

Oak Wilt

Here you can learn what oak wilt is and why it is important for our state.