What's been happening in Arlington?

In 2016, Arlington completed their first planting with the LCCMR grant.

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As part of a grant that Arlington received for replanting trees in areas of loss from emerald ash borer, a tree survey is underway, being completed entirely by volunteers! The city is looking for some good citizens to engage in completing their tree survey, which is about 1/3 completed, as of August 2018. Volunteers work in peer teams and are trained an given technical assistance by the University of Minnesota's Department of Forest Resources. 

If you are interested in participating or if you would like more information about the survey, contact the city administrator, Pat Melvin, at, or 507-964-2378.


Arlington, Minnesota is looking for volunteers to help care for your community's trees and we want you to help! There are many ways to can be involved. The most common and easy ways to help are to take part in community tree plantings, watering new trees, and pruning trees. Are you interested in more? The Tree Steward Program will allow you to help monitor the health of newly planted trees in order for them to thrive for many years. You will learn more about the different species of trees, symptoms of concern to monitor, and how to make sure that each trees is provided the resources it needs to grow up healthy.

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Tree Survey:

The progress of the city tree survey, as of June 1st, 2018, can be seen on a Google Spreadsheet: Arlington Tree Survey Summary.


Citizen Pruner:

Training will be offered on the following dates:

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Tree Steward:

Training will be offered on the following dates:

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