Our Nursery

Introduction to the Research Nursery

Nursery research at the University of Minnesota is focused on improving production practices and enhancing the long term health of trees in the urban environment. The trees are grown in our nursery from seed or cuttings until they are ready to be planted in their new environment. Specific research projects focus on the effects of various planting techniques on the health of tree roots, gravel beds used for increasing the health and survival of transplanted trees, pot-in-pot nursery production, along with testing and development of elm trees resistant to Dutch elm disease. A time lapse of an entire growing season in the pot-in-pot and nursery can be seen by clicking on the link. 

The nursery contains a variety of rare and unusual species of trees and shrubs along with new cultivars currently being researched.  Many of the trees and shrubs in the nursery are labeled with QR codes for easy smartphone scanning to provide visitors with more information on the selected species.  The list to the right leads to more information on currently available species in the nursery.

map of the nursery